WARNING:  PIP carriers are trying to deny claims/arbitration based on invalid Assignment of Benefits, Failure to file a Second Appeal to the Carrier, and proof of bill receipt. See our attached sample Forms.  Please call us if you have any questions or would like a copy emailed to you in a Word document.

Second Appeal Document

New AOB Assignment of Benefits Document January 2011.

Assignment of Benefits Doc

The new PIP Medical Fee Schedule is effective as of January 2013.

The new daily cap is $105 and this includes additional services/cpt codes. More codes are listed on the fee schedule along with additional billing restrictions. To view go to:

New PIP Medical Fee Schedule

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Fight back & get paid for services you performed.
New Jersey's Personal Injury Protection auto insurance system can be confusing, frustrating, and costly for all health care providers. NJPIPRecovery.com is here to help navigate this complex system by simple to use forms and process. Use our resource page for the latest assignment of benefits, letter of protections, pre-certification notices, internal appeals, fee scheduling and the latest news on New Jersey PIP.

Mastering New Jersey's PIP system can provide important benefits to health care providers and suppliers.

  1. Get fully paid on services already provided in the past.
  2. Accept more PIP patients without worrying about overbearing paperwork, delayed or improper payments and collections.

Top tips to getting paid on PIP patients.

  1. Pre-certify your patients with simple and efficient forms.
  2. Use the correct coding for diagnosis and services.
  3. Review the fee scheduling.
  4. Internally appeal any and all denials and/or reductions.
  5. Get a top Arbitration Attorney on your side.
What an Arbitration Attorney should do for you.
  1. Review your past files for unpaid and reduced payments.
  2. Review your forms, record-keeping, coding and practices on PIP.
  3. Provide you with legal advice on these and other areas of your practice.
  4. Timely file arbitration claims with the NJ Arbitration Forum for any and all amounts that you are owed.
  5. Fight for the highest settlement and/or awards of quick payments and appeal bad arbitration decisions.
  6. NOT charge your office for ANY costs or fees (including a percentage of the medical expenses) for these services.
  7. Keep you updated in writing and/or telephone with every claim and where all your claims are in the process.

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The Law Offices of Sean T. Hagan, LLC will help you with all your PIP issues. We have successfully handled thousands of PIP Claims, and specifically, arbitrations on behalf of providers since 1999. We will fight, negotiate, arbitrate and litigate for every dollar and keep you informed every step of the way. (Ask about our quarterly client summary report.)

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